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Creating an Authentic Business Footprint

5 Week ONLINE Business Workshop

Authentic approach to building your Socialpreneur Footprint using
Energy Work, Archetypes, and The Awakening Compass®


  • Explore the World of Business Archetypes
  • Implement a Well-defined Marketing Strategy
  • Break Old Patterns and Set Yourself Free
  • Tap into the Power of Social Media Marketing
  • Experience a Mini Vision Quest and Unleash your Creativity
  • Join Renee's Facebook Community of Business Owners


Archetypal symbols give meaning to our world. As an entrepreneur your brand should make a lasting impression on your prospective clients. Choose four business Archetypes from our list of twelve to create a AUTHENTIC FOOTPRINT that sets you apart from your competitors.

Enterpreneur • Innovation

Individuals who build capital through risk and/or initiative

Is this YOU?

Midas • Attraction/Manifestation

Attracting and meanifesting wealth and abundance.

All that glitters is not gold.


Activated where we feel pressed to sell ourselves short in exchange for a perceived amount of physical reward.

Safety or Survival

Renee Baribeau is an accomplished mentor and respected business coach who will help you to:

Realize Your Untapped Potential and Unleash Your Creativity
Manage Your Time Efficiently, Increase Profits and Productivity
Develop Strong, Lasting Customer Relations
Achieve Success in Your Business & Personal Life


In order for a business to flourish, it must have an Authentic Business Footprint. A unique, recognizable brand sets a business apart from it's competitors, and leaves a lasting impression. This workshop teaches business owners how to tap into the magical world of archetypes and design a unique business footprint. After completing this online course you'll be able to convey your vision in a clear fashion to a graphic designer, web designer or marketing manager.


5-week workshop designed
for self-discovery, and implementation
of your Authentic
Business Footprint.


From the comfort of
your computer or tablet.


Tuesdays in October
11 am - 12:15 pm (PST)
See complete Syllabus.


To develop a unique
footprint and express
yourself as a

About the Program

Class begins Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 11am (PST)

By September 30, you will have listened to the first audio file (included with your registration), thoughtfully answered a questionnaire, and be prepared to participate in the group workshop.

Option 1: 5-Week Live Webinar $297

  • Live, one-hour instructional webinar for five consecutive weeks (recorded and archived for convenient playback).
  • Small group sessions - keeping each other accountable by monitoring individual progress of participants by providing active listening.
  • Membership in Renee's private Facebook group for added support.
  • Tapping into the Power of Social Media Marketing.
  • Personal correspondence by email during the workshop.
  • Guest Presenters: Janet Bray-Attwood, Gail Larsen, Lynn Serafin, Morgan Rae and Sri Gawn tu Far

Option 2: Includes Option 1 plus a private Coaching Session with
Renee $495

Learn more about Renee's coaching sessions.

Option 3: Includes Option 1 plus 5 weeks of private Coaching with
Renee $1200

Learn more about Renee's coaching program.

View a syllabus of the Workshop here
I am Ready to Commit to my Dreams!

Course Options

Renee Baribeau, known internationally as The Practical Shaman, specializes in transforming the mundane into the magical. Her upcoming book, “When the Wind Blows,” is a practical guide for navigating emotional windstorms with eyes wide open. As a modern-day life coach, Renee combines ancient and contemporary techniques to help her clients discover their “Authentic Self.” Her essay, “Creativity a Recipe for Awakening” is included in an anthology entitled Pearls of Wisdom, Thirty Life Changing Ideas featuring Jack Canfield. Renee's workshops are designed to bring harmony and bounty into your business and personal life.
Visit her on Facebook and Practical Shaman blog. She is also a regular contributor on the Elephant Journal.

Guest Presenters

Suzanne Fageol is a certified counselor, a Falling Awake life coach, and has also been a spiritual educator for over forty years. She is from the Caribbean and has lived, taught and practiced in Africa, Europe and England and currently lives on Whidbey Island.
When you consider the time and money that you are investing to your growth and well-being in this program, please remember your commitment is key. If you fully participate in all of this program, your life and work will dramatically improve. See what others have to say about working with Renee.

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I want to thank you for guiding the most focused, profound work I have accomplished in years. I truly look forward to continuing our relationship.

Charlotte Rafter

Thank you, Renee! You asked the “hard” questions and offered excellent guidance. Gratefully, I am back on track now.

Mary Garvey-Horst LMFT

Having the opportunity to do this work in a group context really really benefitted me. The inputs from the group and your own skills helped me make huge shifts in understanding what I wanted to do and how. It helped move through old issues that had been preventing me from moving forward, and it helped me recognize and acknowledge the skills that I have to share.

George Mazeika

I love how you've woven in the power of archetypes in our lives with the four directions, the winds that empower us with vision and healing. I am a total Jungian so it really spoke that undercurrent in our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Today, you gave us such concrete information about how the various social media outlets operate and how best to leverage a business or brand via those networks.

Lisa Labon

Renee is very practical. She cuts through any and all B.S. and gets to the core issue, even if you haven't identified it yourself.

Nancy S. President of Fortune 500 Company

I like her, she's real. She loves her clients unconditionally. She provide top-notch service - she's available to her clients.

Sophie M. Angel Investor

Thank you for the generous encouragement you've provided in the evolution of my work.

Marti Spiegelman

I was referred to Renee during one of the lowest points of my life. I was skeptical at first (and resistant, and angry and sad), but willing to try anything. Renee is the real deal - one year later and my life is transforming everyday. If you're ready for the work and ready for the challenge, Renee gives you the tools to learn and to grow to your next level and many levels beyond.

George Young Warner AD LUCEM Entertainment